Diana Jacobs Band

Mettis and Diana Jacobs - Guitar/Bass/Vocals and Vocals/Keyboard


Photos by Juan Junco 

Mettis and Diana have performed together in the CNY area for over 25 years with bands ranging in genre from Blues and Rock to R&B and Gospel. Together they recorded their first cd, entitled I Thank Him, with their gospel group -  Jacobs' Ladder. The title cut of that cd was nominated for a Sammy Award in 2005. Diana has since released a piano/vocal solo cd entitled How Lovely. Diana fronts the Diana Jacobs Band with Mettis on guitar as he shares the lead vocals. Their entertaining style and dynamic vocals have become trademark features of the band.

Music is as necessary to the human spirit as food or water is to our bodies.   - Diana Jacobs

Sue Ferlenda - Vocals/Keyboard


Photos by Juan Junco

Sue Ferlenda, originally from Moravia, N.Y., has resided in Auburn since 1980. She is married with two children and has been singing for most of her life; however, she credits the late Jim Watts for getting her started on her "public" music path as backing vocalist with Jacobs' Ladder. Mettis, Diana, Sue, and Jim Watts worked together in the 12 piece group which released its only cd in 2004 entitled I Thank Him. Sue also sang with the group Too Old to Rap and has worked as a vocal soloist for various ceremonies. Her current love is singing beautiful harmonies with Diana Jacobs Band.

Dave Kuykendall - Guitar


 Photo by Juan Junco

Dave was interested in music at a very early age and began lessons at 8 yrs old. He studied with different teachers until he was about 20, then decided to enroll at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. There Dave took his studies even further; he became interested in different styles of music from jazz to fusion, to funk and fingerstyle acoustic. While in California, he studied with some of the best musicians on the planet. “It opened my whole thought process” says Dave. He’s also been influenced by a lot of the musicians in this area. Dave has been in many local bands from 1990 when he returned from California, most of them being funk and soul bands, but he’s also done, jazz, blues, rock, country, etc. He has played many parties, weddings, clubs, and corporate gigs.

Dave has also been teaching music/guitar for over 20 years in Geneva, Auburn, Rochester, and Seneca Falls. He really enjoys passing down his knowledge to the students and seeing how they can be creative with what he has guided them on. Dave is also a solo guitar arranger. His videos can be seen on Youtube. If interested, his nickname is tuckis23 on Youtube. Dave has also done a lot of pit work for area musical productions.

Influences... there are way too many… but a few are Tuck Andress, Ross Bolton, Micheal Landau, Allen Hinds, Tommy Emmanuel, Guthrie Govan, Dave Weckl, Vinny Couliutia, Chick Corea, Victor Wooten, Tower of Power, and Aquarium Rescue Unit. Dave still practices daily, and loves to be inspired and learn new things. Music is just a never-ending journey!!!



Dave Hanlon - Drums

Dave has been a fixture of the Syracuse music scene since the 1970s. If you’ve been to nearly any live music event or festival during that time, it’s likely you’ve heard him play. Most recently, you’ve probably seen him out with Dave Hanlon's Cookbook or Funky Jazz Band. Now he adds Diana Jacobs Band to his list of collaborations.

Funky Jazz Band 2016 – Present
Dave Hanlon’s Cookbook 1980 – Present
Apple Jazz Band 1985- Present
Swing Central 1996 – 2003
Duke Jupiter 1977-1980 -Original Rock
CRAC 1975-1977 R&B
Dave Hanlon’s Funky Jazz Band 1975
Dove 1970-1974